What Can I Change?

When it comes to sobriety, change is a big topic that gets a lot of attention. If you ask someone in recovery this question, they might respond with, “What can’t you change?” For us to get to the point of needing sobriety, a lot of things need to happen in order for us to stay sober. We need to reevaluate with whom we spend time and where, our living situation, and even where we work. Changing our lives takes some work, but if you really want to stay sober, you’ll make it happen.

Before you go about rearranging your life, be sure to find someone that you trust and who will be available when you need them. Preferably, someone sober, such as a sponsor or mentor who will always have your best interest at heart. It is important to have a person like this in your life, especially in early recovery so that you can run ideas and plans by them before you take action.

It’s commonly said that you are who you hang out with. If your friends are doing the same things you were right before you knocked on treatment’s door, you need new friends. It’s not pleasant hearing this, but the reality is that they’re not true friends. You may be feeling guilty about dropping them, but they’re not going to miss you when you’re gone. They’re going to be doing the same stuff, day in and day out, while you’re out living your life with people who truly care about you and your wellbeing. Find new friends in recovery; they’ll be going through the same stuff you are, and with similar goals.

Another thing you’ll want to look at, is your home life. Is it safe, or are you living with someone who isn’t on the same page of sobriety? Maybe they’re all for you getting sober, yet they are still drinking or using. If you stay in a living situation where drugs or alcohol are around, you will have an uphill battle, which brings us to another change you may have to consider. If your significant other isn’t giving up the booze or drugs, is it worth staying in the relationship if you’re jeopardizing your sobriety? You might think it’s doable now, but resentments may build over time, and the next thing you know, you’re back at square one with no sobriety date.



If you don’t have a sobriety date right now, you should get one. Call The Lakehouse Recovery Center today, for a different tomorrow. The decision to get sober is the most life-changing choice you can make, and we can help you do it. If you want to do something differently, pick up the phone and give us a call. We are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) SOBER | (877) 762-3707. You can recover, and your life can change.


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