What Are The Components Of A Good Recovery Program?

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We all need sleep, diet, nutrition, exercise, and ongoing recovery to live a happy and healthy life of sobriety. Here are four essential components for a good recovery program.

You Get “Into Action”

Life is always going to happen on life’s terms, but the flipside is that life continues on without you. Taking a backseat to life results in little action. Recovery isn’t about sitting back and waiting or being still. The “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous specifically advocates through the title of one of its chapters that in recovery we have to get “into action”. If you can’t see the next indicated step, ask friends or mentors to show you the way. Then, take it.

You “Stick With The Winners”

There aren’t actually “winners” and “losers” in recovery. What there are, however, are people who work hard in their program of recovery and those who do not. People tend to find that just quitting drinking and drinking is not enough. The people who seem to live the most fulfilled and happy lives are the people who consistently work on themselves. You see people who make the most of life and people who just get by without drugs and alcohol.

You Take Care Of HALT

Hungry, angry, lonely, tired. Any one or combination of these is a fast track to restlessness, irritability, and discontent, which can quickly turn into the path to relapse. Part of working a good recovery program is being able to recognize your needs and take care of them. You eat. You talk through your emotions. You reach out to others. You get enough sleep and rest when needed.

You Have Structure

Accountability and responsibility are important in recovery. We need to have people know us and we need to be responsible to others. Sneaking, hiding, lying, evading- all of these are well rehearsed skills among people who had to conceal their drug and alcohol addiction for many years. Rather than try to survive in chaos you set up a structured world of recovery for yourself which helps you thrive.


Lakehouse Recovery Center offers a twelve month aftercare program to clients who complete our residential treatment programs. Continuing to work with therapists, our clients develop the system of recovery they need for lifelong abstinence. For more information, call us today at  877.762.3707.


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