Ways To Gain Emotional Sobriety

Emotional sobriety refers to the emotional development recovering addicts either do or do not participate in. While it isn’t suggested, it is possible for people to just stop using drugs and alcohol, but not otherwise change their thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and actions.

Live Authentically

What does it mean to live authentically? Authentic means to be undisputed in origin. Living authentically means living life as yourself for yourself because of who you are. Addicts and alcoholics try to make something of their addiction which they can’t: normalcy. For years, addicts and alcoholics will work hard to convince themselves that they can drink and use drugs like other people, that they can manage and control their substance abuse, and that everything is okay, because it isn’t that bad. They aren’t living in the authentic truth of their addiction. In recovery, this behavior has to stop. The lack of honesty and authenticity is a trigger for relapse because it’s easy to pretend problems don’t stem from craving drugs and alcohol.

Give Love Generously

Part of emotional sobriety is being able to give and show love to others. Addicts and alcoholics face a tremendous amount of shame in their lives and criticism from others. Through the treatment process, growing in solidarity with others in the recovery process, addicts in recovery learn to have unconditional love and respect. No matter what someone has been through, what they are going through, they are recovering. Addicts and alcoholics get a unique emotional and spiritual perspective on the human experience- which is that most people are suffering and doing the best they can. Everyone deserve love and consideration.

Receive Love Generously

Part of emotional sobriety is being able to receive the love and support you need to recover. Everyone is deserving of that love and support no matter what has happened in their past. Addiction likes to tell lies about isolation, unworthiness, and destruction. It is unfortunate when an addict stops believing they deserve love. The addiction cycle of self-loathing and self-hatred can quickly lead to resentment, anger, depression, anxiety, and relapse.

Put Your Recovery First

Recovery teaches important lessons about remembering that this too shall pass and to take recovery one day at a time as well as a reminder to keep it simple. All of these small cliches are instructions for maintaining emotional sobriety. Emotions are passing experiences that come and go. Like your sobriety from drugs and alcohol, your emotional sobriety comes one day at a time only. The most simple way to maintain your emotional sobriety is by putting your recovery first. Simple questions like: does this benefit my recovery? Keep your emotions in check.

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