Using Technology to Help Your Sobriety

When we begin recovery, either at a treatment center, in therapy, or in a 12-step program, the first thing we typically hear is, “Start reading.” Often, we’re handed a book, or stack of books. You remember books, right? They’re those things fondly known as, “The dead tree Internet.” Turns out, all the recovery literature you need is available without killing a single tree. That’s right: It’s all right there on the “Interwebs.”

Five Ways to Use Technology to Help Your Sobriety

  1. Apps, apps, and more apps. Search “sobriety” in your smart phone’s app store and bingo, about a bajillion results appear. You’ll see apps for daily reflections on sobriety, a meeting finder, a sobriety clock, which counts how many days you’ve been sober, a “money” counter, which tells you how much you’ve saved on booze, and many, many others. You’ll also find digital literature for virtually every addiction recovery program out there.
  2. Blogs and social media. Get information about your particular addiction, read stories from others in recovery, and share your own story, if you’re so inclined. Social media offers a ton of opportunities to connect with a sober network. Private chat groups also provide a safe place to open up and ask questions online. In Facebook, for example, search for “addiction recovery” or “sobriety,” then filter by groups. Because these are typically closed groups, you’ll have to be added by an administrator before you can join the conversation.
  3. Keep a digital journal. Your smartphone provides a handy, portable place to keep notes and inspirational messages on sobriety. The voice recorder is the quickest way to accomplish this, but if you prefer jotting down ideas by hand, your phone’s “notes” function is a great digital alternative to pen and paper.
  4. Keep sober friends in your contacts. Whenever you add someone in your sober network to your contacts, include the initials of your 12-step group before their name, so you can look them up quickly. For example, you might add contacts as AA Dennis, NA Barbara, GA Bill, or OA Beth. With your arsenal of sober friends stored in one convenient place, you’re just a phone call away from help, any time you need it.
  5. Stream online recovery radio. Whether in the car or in the kitchen, you can listen to any number of addiction recovery programs that you’d never find on the old-school radio dial. A few to try are Recovery Radio Network, Online Recovery Support Radio, Recovery Radio Online, and Take 12 Recovery Radio.



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