Is Using Medically Assisted Treatment Drugs “Addiction Swapping”?


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What is Addiction Swapping

Addiction swapping is a phenomena which can happen at any point in time during someone’s recovery. The brain is hardwired to get hooked on people, places, things, substances, activities- anything that produces a high amount of dopamine.

Recovery is full of practices and treatment methods which help the brain reprogram all of that dysfunctional effect from active addiction. However, the brain is still susceptible and vulnerable to becoming addicted again.

An addiction swap can include anything the mind chooses to obsess over and crave. Some people develop disordered eating behaviors during their recovery. Some people get into unhealthy relationships and make people their addiction.

Addiction Swapping Can Be With Many Things

Some people find new substances to become addicted to that they were never addicted to before. Others might find video games, gambling, sex, or other process addictions to be addicting. One thing that most scientists agree is not addiction swapping is the use of prescription medications for medication assisted treatment.

Medically assisted treatment, or MAT, is a treatment method which is meant to help clients slowly come off of drugs and alcohol without the overwhelming symptoms of withdrawal. Though they will still experience withdrawal symptoms, they will be less severe. The cravings as well, the psychological withdrawal symptoms, will also be reduced.

Often, it is the combination of psychological and physiological withdrawal symptoms that cause someone to relapse before they are fully detoxed. The medications used in MAT help reduce that risk by providing the brain a trace amount of opioid substances and other medications which fill some of the brain’s need without getting it “high”. However, because these medications do have opioids, they can be used, and people do get addicted to them.

When abused, a client can develop a dependence on the medication. Since there is no standardized definition of recovery, this causes controversy. For those who believe abstinence is the answer to addiction, being dependent on these medications is not recovery. For others, the fact that heroin addicts, for example, are not shooting up heroin but are struggling through a medication, is proof enough that it is a viable treatment method.


Lakehouse Recovery Center offers a residential treatment program including residential detox. We provide maintenance and care for medication assisted treatment to make sure clients set foot on the right path to recovery. For information on our inpatient and aftercare programs, call us today:  877.762.3707


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