Use Blogs to Stay Inspired for Sobriety


Using the Internet as a Tool for Sobriety

If you have access to the internet then you have access to the many stories of others who have struggled with addiction and healed. All over the world people post to their websites or blogs their journeys of struggle and triumph. They publish online their challenges and the way they overcame them.

Mostly, men and women make their stories public to inspire others. They realize their story is worth sharing because it might save lives or, at least, change them.

A blog could be seen like an online journal. The author regularly publishes posts that center on a particular topic. Often, blog posts are about a person’s life but they are not always autobiographical. Yet, the ones that are can be incredibly supportive and inspiring if they include details about how to overcome life challenges. This is can be especially true for those who are writing about their addiction, sobriety, and recovery.

Blogs That Can Be Inspiring, Uplifting, and Encouraging:

The Discovering Alcoholic – This is a blog that has been going strong since 2007 years. It’s written by a man who has been sober since 1994 and who uses writing on the blog as a big part of his recovery. He is not afraid of controversy and discussing topics that might make some cringe. The author, along with another recovery addict, tends to post blogs about twice per week. And this blog isn’t just about alcohol addiction; it discusses all forms of addiction and recovery.

Healing Imperfectly – This is a blog written by a woman who is more recently sober. Because she is relatively new in her recovery, her blog posts are an honest look at her struggles and victories as she progresses in her healing. Although this blog does not appear to be active at this time, it continues to contain valuable and inspiring stories.

Crying out Loud – This is blog is a collection of voices on addiction and recovery. Although the blog tends to be directed towards women struggling with addiction and staying sober, anyone can visit the site and get something out of it. It includes stories of success from a wide variety of people in various recovery-related situations.

Breaking the Cycles – This is a more serious blog that shares the research and science behind addiction. It often has posts by experts and includes contributors that offer high quality writing about their struggles with addiction.

The Fix – This blog is more of an online journal on addiction and recovery. It includes in depth articles on many recovery-related subjects as well as the personal stories of those breaking out of the prison of addiction. It’s a popular site filled with inspiration and resources for healing and sobriety.

The Addiction Inbox – This site belongs to a writer and researcher in the field of addiction and recovery. Dirk Hanson is the author of The Chemical Carousel: What Science Tells Us About Beating Addiction. Hanson posts regularly on the latest findings in medical research that are related to healing of addiction.

The above sites can be useful tools. Reading the challenges and successes of other men and women who have been where we are now can be incredibly inspiring.


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