A Typical Day Of Residential Inpatient Treatment


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Each treatment facility and each treatment program under that facility’s care will be different. Unless a treatment program is specialized, most treatment programs will follow a general pattern for the day.


Most treatment centers start their days between 6am and 8am. Many treatment centers like to take their clients to 7am twelve step meetings to start their day with the honest admittance of their powerlessness over drugs and alcohol. If not a meeting, treatment centers start with a morning meditation.

Group meditation, reading an inspirational book, or choosing an intention for the day helps everyone get on the right track for a day of recovery. Meditation, in any form, helps awaken the mind into focus and positivity. After a morning meditation or recovery oriented practice, most programs will start breakfast. Residential inpatient is a level of care which provides meals. Most often, meals are nutritionally based, designed to meet the guidelines created between a client and their dietician, which is also commonly a part of residential treatment.

After breakfast, clients go into their morning schedules. Group therapy sessions take up most of the morning with short breaks in between. Individual therapy sessions are typically reserved for the afternoons, as are activities and excursions.


After a midday lunch break, clients have a small bit of down time to hang out, do some homework, and digest. Throughout the afternoon, each client’s work looks different. There will be individual therapy sessions with specified counselors, more group therapy sessions, and physical activities.

Most importantly, the afternoon offers free time. Designated free time is an opportunity to participate in available activities on the premises, work with a sponsor, do twelve step work or therapy “homework”, spend time journaling, call friends and family at home, or take a much needed nap.


Dinner will be followed with evening activities. Some nights there will be a movie showing or a group activity. Most nights, clients will have the opportunity to go to a twelve step meeting off-site. Twelve step meetings are important for building a community, meeting a sponsor, and getting connected with sober peers. A lights out hour will be standard in which all clients must be in their rooms, quietly preparing for bed.


For information on the residential treatment program at Lakehouse Recovery Center and hear about the integrative activities we put into our daily schedule, call us today at  877.762.3707.


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