A Turning Point in Addiction Prevention: 4 At-Risk Personality Traits

Addiction Prevention Is Important

If there is anything that can turn your head, addiction prevention may be it. There is a lot going on for our society, its youth, and its dire need to curb addiction. The disease is killing our kids at an alarmingly fast rate, and it is not slowing down. The opioid epidemic is mind-blowing. In 2016, drug overdoses killed more people than those killed in the entire Vietnam War—the entire war. We have to find a way to combat the spread of this disease, and recent research is showing some promise.

A new anti-drug program called Preventure is currently being tested in Australia, Britain, Canada, and the Netherlands. Preventure has singled out four personality traits that are thought to put kids at a higher risk of addiction: Impulsiveness, Anxiety Sensitivity, Hopelessness, and Sensation Seeking.

The first, Impulsiveness is commonly seen in children with ADHD symptoms. Anxiety Sensitivity is linked to its namesake; children who are hyper-vigilant, easily frightened, and show anxiety symptoms may have this trait. Hopelessness is related to depression, which is an extremely common precursor to addiction. Lastly, Sensation Seeking may be shown in individuals who are thrill seekers or adrenaline junkies. Sensation seeking isn’t linked to any other co-occurring mental health issues, but it is theorized that people who enjoy thrills may also enjoy drugs and alcohol.

If Preventure catches on, we may just have one of hopefully many new weapons to fight the ongoing battle of addiction. We need to have an ongoing conversation about what is happening with the drug crisis, what is being done, and what needs improvement. Talk about things like Preventure with your friends and family. The more dialogue we have about addiction, the less stigmatized it becomes, and the higher the likelihood of something being done about it. If we can start at an early age and identify who may be at risk, we may just save lives.

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