The True And False Of Myths About Drug And Alcohol Addiction











Myths about addiction and alcoholism are misinformed, but not entirely uninformed. There are some truths as well as some false information in between.

People Choose To Use Drugs And Alcohol, So They Should Choose To Stop: The first time an addict or alcoholic picks up a drug or a drink is a choice. The last time an addict or an alcoholic picks up a drug or a drink is also a choice. What happens in between the first choice and the last choice is a lot of altered choosing. It can take many years of continually choosing drugs and alcohol before an addict or an alcoholic chooses differently. Many call it an act of God, a miracle, or something greater than themselves.

After years of making the wrong choice they are able to make the right one. One day at a time, they continue to make that choice, to not choose drugs and alcohol. How an addict or alcoholic comes to choose not choosing drugs and alcohol anymore is a mystery which has not yet explained why they couldn’t make that choice any earlier. An addict or alcoholic has to “hit bottom” “be in enough pain” or is “only done when they’re done” are all common explanations. Recovery is a process of learning to make good choices and learn from poor choices, while always placing emphasis on not choosing drugs and alcohol anymore.

Drug Addicts And Alcoholics Are Immoral And Selfish: Addiction and alcoholism are not “moral failings” or acts of people who have been smited, forsaken, or cast out. Addiction and alcoholism are real mental disorders which alter brain chemistry, physically changing the way an addict and alcoholic thinks. Few addicts and alcoholics could claim to have lived a life in addiction that was free from immorality or a single act of selfishness. Likewise, few humans could claim to say the same. Addicts and alcoholics in recovery are not imperfect people learning how to live perfectly. They also aren’t bad people learning how to be good people. Addicts and alcoholics are sick people in recovery who are getting well and learning how to live well.


Lakehouse Recovery Center offers small, private treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in addition to secondary mental health issues. From the comforts of our beautiful lakefront home, clients are able to heal and learn how to have fun again through recovery. For more information or to schedule a tour, call us today at (877) 762-3707.


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