Traveling Sober: Tools You Need to Maintain Your Recovery Abroad


Some fear the minibar.  For others it is the fear of flying.  Some equate vacationing to partying.  Worst of all it is sometimes wondering how in the world you are going to make it through a weekend with your crazy family.  No matter what the trigger is for you, traveling seems to amplify your desire tenfold.  Fear not!  Here are three good tools that can help you remain relapse free.

  • Don’t obsess about your addiction.  It sounds impossible.  After all, isn’t obsession what addiction is in the first place?  Your brain will want to obsess over your addiction especially when you are out of your routine.  Getting out of your routine can create stress.  Stress creates a desire to relax and your brain will automatically go to what it knows can help you out.  Instead,  you should surround yourself with relaxing distractions.  Watch your favorite movies, read your favorite book, lounge at the pool, or take a hike for some fresh air.  
  • Bring a friend.  This may be the best tool available to maintain your recovery abroad.  Bring someone who knows up front that their role in your life is to aid you.  So make sure they are a responsible friend.  If bringing a friend is impossible, then ask your friend to check in with you regularly while you travel.  Agree beforehand on how often you will connect and be honest with them.  Knowing you will have to fess up to someone who loves you, and is on your side, might just be the thing you need in a moment of desperation.
  • Plan an exit strategy.  Too often those in recovery know what their triggers are and they know what situations to avoid, but sometimes life can throw you some curve balls.  When this happens you need an exit strategy.  Let’s say you struggle with alcohol.  You called the hotel and asked them to clean out the minibar, but when you finally get to your room you see those shiny bottles staring at you in the face.  If you planned an exit strategy then you would drop everything, leave the room, and come back when the hotel has done what they said they would do in the first place.  If you didn’t come with a plan then it only takes a second to fall into that alluring trap.

 Remember, your addiction doesn’t control you, and stumbling doesn’t mean you are lost forever. Stay the course and you will succeed.

Life is meant to be lived. At Lakehouse Recovery we believe life is meant to be lived to the fullest, learning to have fun in recovery without drugs and alcohol. Our private residential treatment program and unique twelve month aftercare program teach clients how to live clean and sober. Call us today for information:  877.762.3707



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