Top 10 Most Addiction Drugs

Most Addiction Drugs | Lakehouse Recovery Center

Certain drugs are more addictive than others due to the chemical makeup. A team of scientists conducted a study and came up with what they call a “dependency rating” in order to measure how addiction different drugs are. The dependency rating measures the addictive potency on a scale of 0-to-3. Here is a list of the top 10 most addictive drugs along with their dependence rating, in order of most addictive to least.

Heroin – 2.89

Crack Cocaine – 2.82

Nicotine – 2.82

Methadone – 2.68

Crystal Meth – 2.24

Alcohol – 2.13

Cocaine – 2.13

Amphetamines – 1.95

Benzodiazepines – 1.89

GHB – 1.71


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