Tolerance to Opiates is a Sign of Trouble

Opiate pain pills are a miracle of modern medicine.  When used as prescribed they can help manage chronic pain, ease suffering, and help an individual’s medical recovery become more manageable.

There is also a dark side to opiates.  Opiates can quickly become dangerous when a person exceeds their prescribed dose.  They do so in order to have the same effects.  This effect is known as increased tolerance, and it is the first sign your brain and body are forming an addiction.  According to, opiates are one of the most widely abused substances in the United States accounting for millions of cases of addiction and thousands of overdose deaths each year.  

Here are a few thoughts to consider if you believe you are on a path to addiction.

Are There Alternative Treatments

Some doctors prescribe medications without offering alternative treatments.  There is a chance alternative treatments may exist to ease your pain more naturally.  Many people report successful pain management by receiving regular chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture treatments, or massage therapy.  Some find meditation and stretching exercises like yoga help to mitigate pain effectively.  As your body heals, you may be able to transition from opiate pain pills to a high dose ibuprofen or similar medication.  

Do Not Rely Solely on Opiates to Mitigate Pain

To avoid developing a dangerous addiction to opiates you should rigidly follow other recommended tasks prescribed by your doctor.  One of the most effective ways to speed up your healing from a surgery, or other ailment causing pain, is physical therapy.  Working hard at physical therapy on top of taking your prescriptions will greatly speed your healing.

Tell Your Doctor And a Friend

Finally, if you feel you are developing a dependence on opiates, or fear you may develop an addiction in the future, talk to someone.  Discuss your fears with your doctor and see if they can offer any alternatives.  You may also want to consult a naturopath who can offer a wide variety of alternative ideas, foods, and other natural ways to manage pain.  Treatment centers are also a great resource.

Choose a close friend you can confide in as well.  You only see your doctor every once in awhile, but friends are easily accessible.  Ask your friend to check in with you occasionally.  You should also encourage them to do some cursory research about opiate addiction so they can easily spot any warning signs you display.




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