Tips For Finding Good Guys In Treatment and Spotting The Bad Ones


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Finding Empowerment and Commitment

It’s unfortunate but it is true. Not everyone is in the treatment industry for the right reasons. Many treatment centers aim to exploit patients rather than empower them, harming them instead of helping them. Lakehouse Recovery Center prides itself on providing excellent quality care at affordable cost, with a commitment to long term treatment.

We want to make sure you and your loved one are receiving all the support you need to find success in sobriety and make lifelong changes. We aren’t the only ones. There are plenty of amazing people doing amazing things for addicts and alcoholics in recovery. Sadly, there are plenty of people who simply aren’t doing it right. Here are some tips to finding the good guys in treatment, like us, and spotting out the bad guys who will try and convince you that they are not.

Tips For Finding the Good Guys

  • Make sure a website has specific branding and information. Many “listings” websites are bought and paid for by major umbrella corporations who only refer to recovery centers under their network.
  • While it isn’t technically illegal due to some specific terminology, it is unethical and against many different policies for a treatment center to buy a client insurance to pay for treatment.
  • Ask how many times a month they perform a urinalysis, or a “pee test”. Though regularly performing UA’s is an effective way of holding addicts and alcoholics in recovery accountable, it is also a way of making lots of money through overcharging insurance. A treatment center does not need to test more than twice a week, if even.
  • The “admissions counselor” you work with should ask many questions about history with substances or any kind of psychological struggles- this is called a BPS or a biopsychosocial. Treatment centers who openly admit anyone isn’t taking the specific needs of the client into consideration, meaning the treatment they provide is blanketed, not catered. Treatment programs need to be individualized because no two people experience their lives or their addictions the same way.
  • You might receive phone calls from out of state numbers simply asking if you or someone you know are in need of addiction treatment. When you’re desperate to find help, this can seem like a “sign”. Like any unsolicited call, these mass marketers are not to be trusted.


Quality treatment is available. Lakehouse Recovery Center wants to show you how good treatment can be and how great life in recovery can be as well. Our family of professionals creates a home environment where residents can feel safe healing their bodies, minds, and spirit, while learning how to stay sober and have fun. For information, call us today at  877.762.3707.


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