Three Common Misconceptions About Therapy

Therapy | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comTherapy has proven to be a very effective tool for those going through the recovery process; however, there are many common misconceptions about therapy that might prevent people from giving it a try. Below are three common misconceptions about therapy and an explanation as to why they are false.

Misconception #1: Therapy is only for people who are dysfunctional.

People attend therapy sessions for many different reasons and those who initiate counseling often do not have a serious mental illness. They might be going through a tough life situation and are not able to deal with it as well as they’d like to, which has caused them to seek counseling.

Misconception #2: Once I go to therapy, I’ll be stuck there forever.

You can attend one therapy session and decide it’s not for you, continue ongoing therapy sessions for the rest of your life, or anywhere in between. Each individual has specific needs and requirements that are different from the next individual. The amount of time spent in therapy is going to be different for each individual depending on their needs. It does not have to be forever, but if you don’t give it a try then you might never find out how beneficial it could be for you.

Misconception #3: In therapy, all you do is talk about life history and problems but never how to fix the problem.

There are different forms of therapy – some are more open ended and others are more focused on helping you deal with at the problems at hand. Talking with a professional can be extremely helpful in managing those problems.


Click HERE for the full article by Lindsay Holmes on Huffington Post.


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