Thoughts You’ve Only Had if You’ve Been in Group Therapy for Weeks on End

Most who enter a treatment program for their addiction have a good idea about how long their treatment may last.  While it is only a good idea to leave a treatment program when advised, most want graduation to happen quickly.  All things are generally novel when you first begin any treatment program including group therapy.  Group therapy can elicit many emotions in the beginning, but soon you will be pro.  As time progresses in group therapy, here are some normal thoughts you may have.

Does This Stuff Really Work?

You have probably seen a lot of people come and go from your therapy sessions.  You have heard stories of success, but you also hear many stories about relapse.  Group sessions can be inspiring and deflating all at once.  As you start to think about your own struggles with addiction it is natural to have some doubts.  Be open about your doubts and seek the advice and encouragement of those around you.

Am I Becoming Dependent on This Group For Success?

People have indeed become addicted to therapy on occasion.  Patients, who have seen therapists for years, occasionally report feeling panicky before their session ends.  For those individuals they have a fear facing life alone.  Psychotherapy and group sessions are two very different approaches to therapy.  Similarly you may start feeling like you cannot succeed without your group.  Maybe you are afraid of what will happen without a group session every week.  Either way it is important to bring up your thoughts about dependence with someone you trust.

Should I Be Progressing More Quickly?

You will witness a lot of people ready to move on from their group sessions.  They have been through an intense healing process and are moving on with their treatment coordinator’s blessing.  Emotion begins to bubble inside of you, and you recognize it as jealousy.  As you spend more time in group therapy you will see a lot of transition.  When transition happens it can make you believe you are not progressing fast enough.  This thought can be dangerous as it may cause you to stretch the truth about your addiction dependence in order to graduate faster.      

The important thought to remember while you are in group therapy is that it is essential in your own journey toward freedom.  Do not let your own thoughts rob you of a complete healing process.  




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