The Truth Is the Shortcut

Dishonesty and addiction seem to go hand-in-hand. Lies are a protective barrier the disease uses in order to keep the addiction active, and the addict addicted. Without dishonesty, an addict or alcoholic may have been able to say long ago, “Hey, I have a problem, and I need help.” Instead, lies about using and the denial of a problem take over and become second nature to the addict and alcoholic.

Dishonesty also has a way of spilling over into other areas, such as relationships and our careers. When we get sober, we begin to learn to tell the truth. In treatment, we have to get honest about our disease. We learn to be truthful about its grip and how it has impacted our lives and those around us. When come clean to another person whom we trust about what addiction has done in our lives and what it has caused us to do, a layer of the protective barrier peels away. We can begin to trust that telling the truth often has less consequences than being dishonest.

The truth may not be the easiest to tell, but it is the easiest to remember. Lies are difficult to maintain, and will spin an addict into a vicious cycle that only promotes more drug and alcohol abuse. As you put together more time in sobriety, you will notice that dishonesty does not feel good and it doesn’t sit right in your inner core. By telling the truth, you cut out all the web of lies that it takes to uphold just one dishonest statement or act. Even though it may not be easy being honest, it is a lot easier than the alternative.

If you stay honest, you can stay sober. It’s that simple. If you are struggling with addiction, get honest and get help. You don’t ever have to feel this way again, and we will help you move into recovery safely, comfortably, and in the most supportive environment possible. If you can admit to yourself that you can’t live like this anymore, you are ready to begin a new life. Give us a call, there will never be a better day to get sober, than today.





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