The Pros and Cons of Traveling Abroad for Addiction Treatment

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What to Do When Your Ready to End Your Addiction

If you’re ready to end your addiction, perhaps you’re exploring the options you have for addiction treatment. There are many to choose from, depending upon your needs and financial means. You can go to a facility that provides the bare minimum, making cost of treatment less expensive.

Or you might want the luxuries of participating in a more expensive addiction treatment facility in Malibu. And if you’re concerned about confidentiality in your community, perhaps you’re considering going abroad. This article will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of participating in an addiction treatment center abroad.

Believe it or not, there is an industry that caters to those who receive medical treatment abroad. It’s known as medical tourism. In fact, for those who need to travel outside of the United States for healthcare, there may be less expensive options abroad than within the U.S.

However, the cost of treatment abroad may be offset by the costs of traveling there. The following lists the pros and cons of international addiction treatment to consider:


 One primary reason that men and women consider traveling internationally for treatment includes the fact that their confidentiality is practically guaranteed. Of course, any healthcare facility in the U.S. is legally obligated to protect your health information. However, if you’re attending an addiction treatment center in your own neighborhood, people you know might see you walking in and out of the facility.

Word might get around to your friends and family. And if that’s not something you want, then traveling to another part of the U.S. or abroad might guarantee your privacy.

Lower Costs

 Depending upon where you travel, you might be able to find a lesser expensive residential treatment center than you would in the United States. However, as mentioned above, travel costs might make the overall price of addiction treatment equivalent to those right here in the U.S. Another point to keep in mind is the exchange rate.

For instance, the American dollar can go a long way in countries like Thailand.

Quality of Care

 Although the costs might be less and your confidentiality is greater at international addiction treatment centers, you might not be able to find the kind of quality as you would in the United States. The clinical and medical experience of doctors and mental health providers may vary widely depending on where you go.

This is a subject that may require some research before making travel plans.

Distance From Family

 Another potential disadvantage of traveling abroad is the distance away from family and friends. Although addiction treatment is a time to take a break from your daily routine, being within somewhat close proximity to your family may or may not be a plus. Traveling abroad would obviously make seeing family and friends all that more difficult.

These are some facets of international addiction treatment that need to be considered. If you’re struggling with an addiction, you’re likely exploring the various options you have for treatment. The above list might help you decide whether the benefits of traveling abroad for addiction treatment are worth the costs.


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