The Many Benefits of Owning a Dog

Benefits of Owning a Dog | Lakehouse Recovery Center

Yes, everyone wants a dog because they are beyond cute. But in addition to being able to see their cute faces every day, owning a dog can actually provide you with a number of benefits. Here are just a few ways in which caring for a dog can improve your life.

  • Increases Exercise: Dogs need to be taken on walks which means that most likely, you will be walking too! Whether it’s a walk, run, or hike, taking your dog out is a fun way to get the exercise that both you and your dog need.
  • Provides Companionship: Loneliness can trigger depression but having a dog is like always having a friend by your side.
  • Helps You Meet People: Your dog can be a great conversation starter and help create new friendships with people who share the same interest. Dog owners are likely to start up conversations with each other when on a walk with their dog, at a dog park, or training classes.
  • Reduces Anxiety: Petting animals has been proven to help people breathe more evenly, reduce adrenaline levels, and calm down the autonomic system.
  • Adding Structure to Your Daily Routine: Dogs need to stick to a feeding and exercise schedule and it’s your responsibility to make sure that gets met. When you’re lying in bed thinking about sleeping in for another hour, knowing that your dog needs to be fed will help you get up and start your day.

iStock_000002282562_SmallThe Lakehouse Recovery Center is a pet-friendly facility, meaning you are welcomed to have your beloved pet stay with your during your recovery. There is no need to look for a pet-sitter while you’re away and no need to miss your pet during this tough time. Having a pet can be helpful when going through recovery so we welcome both you and your pet with arms wide open.


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