The Importance of Fellowship

Let’s face it, there are not many places you can go where you’ll hear a group of people laughing hysterically at one another’s past misfortunes. Though addicts and alcoholics have been through the ringer in active addiction, most of us can find the humor in the common bond we share. It’s not just humor that makes for unique relationships, but the support we give one another is the foundation of not going through recovery alone.

When we are new to recovery, it’s unlikely we know many or any, clean and sober people. We’ve been hanging out with others who drink, do drugs, and other unsavory activities, because that was our life. If we have made the decision to change, then other changes need to happen, too. It’s not a good idea to keep old “friendships” that put your sobriety in jeopardy. Sure, it feels like you’re abandoning these people, or that you’ll never have friends again, but that’s your addiction talking.

You will find new, genuine friendships in recovery. The type of friends who care about your welfare, and will help you in any way they can. They won’t be like your old “friends” who only care about themselves and getting loaded. It might hurt, but they really won’t miss you when you stop hanging around. Friends in recovery however, will hunt you down (in a good way) if you stop showing up. That’s what real friends do, we pick each other up when we’re down, and stick together no matter what.

Fellowshipping in recovery circles may be intimidating at first, but the longer you stay around, and the more you introduce yourself and help out, the sooner you will be in the middle of the herd. If you attend meetings, try getting a commitment like making coffee or being a door greeter. You won’t have to do much, and it’s an easy way to meet people, especially since they come to you. Let people get to know you by sharing in meetings. If you are not involved in a 12 step community, look for local meet-ups that don’t involve drinking or using environments.

Whatever you do, don’t go down recovery road alone. Addicts and alcoholics are a fun bunch—we almost have to be considering the craziness we’ve all been through. If you want to change your life, it only takes a few initial steps. Detox and treatment will get you started. It is here where you will meet others on the same journey, and you will be given the tools to prepare yourself for a life of freedom, laughter, and serenity. There’s no reason to wait any longer, give us a call and get started today.





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