Sherman Oaks, CA

I thought my life was my oyster and it was all so exciting growing to be a woman. I had men crawling out of the woodwork, a different date every night of the week. Then came my trip to Big Bear. First day, third run down, my ACL is completely torn. I was stuck in bed bored and miserable. Then they offered me Vicodin ES for pain. Suddenly, the hours spent sulking and bored disappeared magically with these little pills. Then I discovered the more I took the better I felt. The pills seemed to make it Okay or so I thought. I started popping 10-15 pills a day, for almost a decade.

It’s the only thing I had left. My boyfriend dumped me b/c he didn’t want a junkie for a girlfriend, my best friends wanted to stay away. I continued to lose and lose hard. I got arrested for DUI and that was less than a year after putting myself in a detox which I could not stand.

Then I came across The Lake House Recovery Center, using Google. They were kind and considerate and took my insurance! I started the program and really did it. I started to see colors again and hear music and feel good. The world started appearing so much brighter to me. My friends all told me how fantastic I looked, even people who did not know me. The Lake house gave me my life back and I am forever eternally grateful.


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