Sasha UK

Alcohol and drugs had destroyed my life. I came into the lake house not believing I could ever be happy.
The lake house is a magical place full of positive people, staff that really cared about the wellbeing of my soul. They shared their experience with me and held my hand. They believed in me even though I had no idea who I was anymore, and they pulled me out.

The Lakehouse is the perfect arena to be in to get inspired, to start growing and be motivated to change your life. What I got from the Lakehouse was the best possible foundation I would have for moving forward in life. A seed was planted and what i got after that was a series of lessons that advanced me to a higher level of living and loving that I did not think possible.

My spirit is healed and on top of that I now have the tools I need to cope with the hardest things in life without wanting to pick up a drink or a drug! I know that any one of the incredible staff there are always available to talk if I ever need them and that is very unique.

I feel incredibly blessed for where I stand today. Now, not only am I happy, anything is possible with the true freedom I have.

Forever thanks to my Lakehouse family.


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