Oxnard, CA

It is easy for me to write this, but much harder trying to keep it short!  I came to the Lake House as a complete mess of a human being.  My addiction to alcohol completely ran my life in every way.  I did not really believe in ny program or in myself and felt very alone.  I had lost most of my family and friends due to my own actions and behaviors.  I thought my life was quite hopeless.

I had found out about the Lake House from an advertisement while online one night.  I saw they accepted insurance and I thought I would seek help while I still had a job.  I picked up the phone and called.  I was immediately received by a caring person and I agreed to try their program.  Upon my arrival, I was surrounded by a very professional and loving staff of people.  They really did care not only about treating my addiction but also about me as a person.

I surrendered to the program.  I made it fine through the detox, I attended the meetings, participated in the activities and therapies.  I took full advantage of what the program offered because I was ready and desperate to succeed.  I not only succeeded in the program but now I thrive.  I am in the after care program currently.  I now realize I am never alone.  My life has been transformed, my job is so much better.  I am still mending a few fences with family and friends but getting there nonetheless.

If you or a loved one has a drug or addiction problem, please take my advice, as someone who has been there. Let the Lake House help you!  They helped…no they SAVED me.  My thanks alone just isn’t enough and so if by reading this testimonial, I can help another person that would be amazing!


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