Kevin B., Los Angeles, CA

My name is Kevin Bock. I was a resident in 2013 from February to May. I would like to say thank you and give you my 1 year check-in date since I sought treatment for heroin addiction.

I have a life today that I never imagined I would be living. I can’t thank the staff that was there during my stay enough for their kindness and caring for my well-being. Thank you Stuart, Ed, Mark, Jake, Annie and anybody else I may have forgotten to mention who was there during my stay. I have not used opiates in 393 days and that was something I never thought would be possible.

Today, I have my own apartment, a 401k, I received a second promotion at my job at the law firm I work at and have fixed the problems with my family and friends. Not just my mother and father, but the whole family. I am able to lend advice and experience to my other relatives and friends. Once where I considered myself to be the bottom of the barrel, I am now being told I am a shining example of a good human being. Even if it is my mother or best friend that is saying it, that is a big deal deal to me. To be a positive influence in this world was my dream.

I hear there has been quite a few changes in the home transforming from a sober living to a Rehab facility. I currently know a resident living at The Lakehouse who will be leaving soon and I am very happy to hear that she found a good place to start her recovery…Thanks for being there for us.


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