My experience at the Lakehouse was amazing. Not only did I get my life back on track, I also met some great people that genuinely cared about my recovery. Food was awesome too. =) Thank you Lakehouse staff.


My stay at the Lakehouse turned out to be one of the most fulfilling and worthwhile experiences of my life. I arrived feeling completely broken and hopeless, but left with a whole new outlook on life, an amazing support network and some people with whom I am sure I will be lifelong friends.


I was at the Lakehouse from October till November. I was amazed at the safe caring environment that the staff provided. I was given a priceless opportunity to build a solid foundation for my sobriety. I came in a broken man quickly approaching death’s door. The day I left I knew that my time spent at the Lakehouse was the …

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Kevin B., Los Angeles, CA

My name is Kevin Bock. I was a resident in 2013 from February to May. I would like to say thank you and give you my 1 year check-in date since I sought treatment for heroin addiction. I have a life today that I never imagined I would be living. I can’t thank the staff that was there during my …

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