When Temptation Comes Calling, You Can Resist!

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There’s good news about recovery: it isn’t always so difficult. In the beginning, everything, absolutely everything reminds you of drugs and alcohol. You smell it more distinctly, you can sense when it is around, and it can be devastating. Life in recovery is better and you know it. Still, when those olfactory senses trigger the memory and send those cravings into motion, you feel the pain of being sober. Bearing witness to the addicted brain can be quite fascinating. Still, you find that old familiar part of you is ready and willing to throw all your treatment and recovery away, just to please your dopamine transmitters one more time.

Take A Walk And Call A Friend

Addiction is built on impulses. Walking away and calling a friend is a great way to reprogram those impulses and to delay losing any strength against a temptation. You are completely capable of overcoming your urge to drink or use- that’s how you came to recovery in the first place. Taking a walk and talking it out with a trusted friend or family member helps you not just delay and overcome your urges, but it helps you work through whatever trigger is coming up for you. If the addicted brain was rational in any way, most addicts and alcoholics wouldn’t find themselves in the problematic trouble they do. Unfortunately, it is highly irrational. Get some oxygen, talk it out with a friend, and get your mind right again.

Find Something To Do Wherever You Are

Temptations aren’t always convenient. Sometimes, you don’t have a car, you are out of control in your environment and it’s going to stay exactly where you are. Thankfully, you can keep yourself busy. Spark up a conversation, make that walk a really long walk, or just play on your phone. It’s important to differentiate, you’re not trying to ignore or escape your cravings. Instead, you’re changing what your brain is focusing on, which actually helps it learn.

Don’t Forget To Breath

When you aren’t used to feeling cravings, they can cause a panic. Remember, that experiencing cravings is normal because your brain is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Cravings aren’t necessarily a sign that something is wrong or that you’re slacking in your recovery- though, they sometimes can be. Panic will just set your brain off to cause more cravings. Breathe and focus on your breathing. You’ll lose focus on your cravings and the oxygen will help your brain send more relaxing signals to the rest of the body.

There is a solution! Recovery can change your life. Let Lakehouse Recovery Center show you have to have fun again without drugs and alcohol. Call us today for information on our residential treatment program and twelve month aftercare.  877.762.3707.


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