Do I Have To Tell People I’m An Alcoholic?

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You Can Keep Your Business To Yourself

Nope, you sure don’t. Laws are in place to protect you while you are in treatment. Nobody can just call up and check to see if you are there. If people are going to find out you are an alcoholic and you are going to treatment for alcoholism, that is completely up to you. Being an alcoholic is not public business. After all, the world famous twelve step recovery group Alcoholics Anonymous made “anonymous” part of the name!

People have to protect their jobs, their families, and their sobriety. Anonymity was a sign of the times when harsh judgments and rash punishments came from being an alcoholic. Today, there is still a pervasive shame and stigma which can complicate the way someone treats you when they find out you’re an alcoholic. Thankfully, the world is progressing in being more accepting of alcohol use disorder and understanding that recovery is nothing to be ashamed of.

You Should Be Proud Of Yourself

If you have been struggling with alcoholism and are choosing to go to treatment, you are making a monumental decision for yourself and for the people who love you. That’ something to be proud of.

Disclosing your alcoholism can come up in different situations. For example, if you can’t make plans because you have a commitment at a meeting or with your after care program, you might feel the need to explain. Out with friends, you will have to turn down an opportunity for drinks. When you start dating, you might decide at some point in time to let them know alcoholism was a part of your life once upon a time, but recovery is a part of your life today.

Your Experience is Valuable and Can Positively Influence Others

Talking about your alcoholism to the wrong people can lead to judgment. Talking about your alcoholism to the right people can lead to important conversations. Don’t take your experience for granted. Going to treatment and making a life change like choosing sobriety is no small feat. You’ve overcome many of your difficulties in order to live your life without drugs and alcohol.

Your story is inspiring, and it might inspire someone in a way that they really need. Likely, during the course of your recovery, you will hear stories of strength and courage which inspire you. Having a conversation about your alcoholism isn’t incriminating. It can serve to be informative, educational, and motivating.


Lakehouse Recovery Center believes you are strong and capable of change. There is a solution for alcoholism. If you are in need of help, it is available. Call us today to schedule a private tour and get more information on our program, at  877.762.3707.


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