Talking to Your Teenage Daughter About Addiction

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Today, teenage girls see addictions all around them, whether it’s hearing about it in a song on the radio, watching it on TV shows such as “Breaking Bad”, or even seeing it among their peers at school. It is important to talk to your teenage daughter about the dangers of addiction so that she will be prepared to make educated decisions. Here are a few points to cover when having the addiction talk with your daughter.

1. When people think of “addiction”generally they think of drugs and alcohol but the most common teen girl addictions are prescription drugs, sex, exercise, and the internet. Prescriptions drugs are easier for teens to obtain. Many households have prescription medications in their medicine cabinets and it is important to teach your teenager that just because they are prescribed doesn’t make them okay to abuse.

2. Talk to your teenager about the risks involved. Let her know how having an addiction can effect her education, career, and health. If you have a history of addiction in your family, you might want to educate her about that and provide her with the warning signs.

3. Don’t leave out the “less serious” addictions. Addictions such as social media, sex, and exercise are equally as important to talk about. Addictive behavior is often repeated so it is best to prevent it all together.


Click HERE for the full article by Tyler Jacobson on Addiction Blog.


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