Yoga Is An Acceptable Obsession

Yoga is an Acceptable Obsession

  Addiction and alcoholism are a matter of obsession. The brain obsesses over drugs and alcohol every time it uses them and every time it is without them. A large amount of dopamine and other happy/pleasurable chemicals are created in the brain by drugs and alcohol which leave an impact. Your brain notices what feels good and when something feels …Read More

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So Let’s Talk About Prana and Breatharianism

                  At Lakehouse Recovery Center we offer pranic healing as one of our integrative healing modalities to support our clients in addiction treatment. In the age of mainstream mindfulness it is of little secret that breathing is important. First of all, we need to breathe to stay alive. The process of overdose …Read More

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Hiking Yoga. It’s a Thing.

                  Hiking is good for you. It’s been scientifically proven. Yoga is good for you. That’s been scientifically proven. Doing yoga outside is even better for you because exercising outside actually makes you want to exercise, exposes you to more greenery, meaning cleaner oxygen, and even inspires you to exercise more- science. …Read More

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Yoga Reverses Stress, Not Just Relieves It

                  Filling our lungs with incense and essential oils, sweating in a warm yoga class, and breathing through our various asanas, we are rarely aware of the deeper effect yoga is having on our bodies, specifically, our DNA. When we think about yoga and stress relief, we don’t often take the time …Read More