9 Things That Will Set You on the Path of Self Improvement

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Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in our daily activities that we don’t allow room for self improvement. It is easy to fall into a daily routine and simply go through the motions without really thinking about what you’re doing or why you’re doing them. To make sure that you are consistently improving yourself, there are a few steps you can take. Here are some suggestions of things you can do in order to put you on the path of self improvement.

1. Come up with and write down 10 new ideas each day

2. Aim to improve yourself by 1% each day

3. Write in a journal each day

4. Practice daily meditation

5. Exercise

6. Play games that stimulate your mind (ex: Sudoku)

7. Pick a word of the day to guide you

8. Schedule time for nothing

9. Create a “stop doing” list to break bad habits

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Meditation Video to Help Relieve Stress

Crazy and full schedules make it hard for people to make it out to their favorite nature spots that tend to relax us. You might be surprised to learn that even a brief walk outside can lower stress and decrease symptoms of depression, according to a study by researchers at the University of Michigan. Since not everyone has time to get outside as much as they’d like, writer Lindsay Holmes for Huffington Post has provided the following meditation video.

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The video below shines light on YouTube’s annual initiative titled “#DearMe” in which women share what they would like to tell their younger selves. The hope is that these messages will inspire and empower young girls. What would you want to tell your younger self?