treatment after relapse

How Long do I Have to Wait to go Back to Treatment after a Relapse?

Recovery is an ongoing process.  You will never be completely cured of your addiction, but managing it will become easier.  It is not uncommon for a person to relapse at some point. A study performed by the National Institute put relapse rates for recovering drug addicts between 40 and 60 percent.  While the odds of relapse are high it is …Read More

telling on yourself

Telling on Yourself

Honesty is and always has been the best policy. In addiction, we don’t necessarily adhere to this rule, and changing our behavior in recovery takes some time and practice. Learning to tell on ourselves is a huge factor in keeping us accountable, not only to others but to ourselves and our personal truth. Dishonesty in addiction is akin to survival. …Read More

sober for someone else

Can You Stay Sober for Someone Else?

There is never a shortage of individuals coming to treatment because their parents, spouse, job, and friends are worried about them and their addiction. Sometimes, people will check-in to treatment just to get others off their back. Other times, they go in because they don’t want to lose their spouse, children, or job. They may have been given an ultimatum, …Read More

Stay sober

So you got Fired? Stay Sober

As you maintain your sobriety you are bound to face stressful situations that could trigger a relapse.  Part of your recovery will be learning how to face the problems that life may throw at you without turning to drugs and alcohol.  One stressor many people will face is the sudden loss of a job.  Losing your job can hit you …Read More