stay single

Your First Year Sober: Stay Single

If you are new to sobriety, you may have already heard other people in recovery suggest that you stay single for your first year. If you are wondering what staying single has to do with recovery, you might be surprised that it has a lot to do with staying sober. In your first weeks and months of recovery, everything is …Read More

super bowl sober

How Do I Survive My First Super Bowl Sober?

Whether your team is in it or not, and even if you couldn’t care less about football, the lure of Super Bowl parties is real. Backyard bbq’s, kegs on ice, and rounds of shots for scores, halftime show predictions, etc. For addicts and alcoholics, this may sound like a good time, but joining in on the party never turns out …Read More

social events sober

How Do I Stay Sober At Social Events?

Social gatherings are an unavoidable part of life. From funerals to weddings, and work parties to tailgates, it is possible to stay sober through it all. If you take a few suggestions, you too, can enjoy social events throughout your lifetime. The most important tip is to never go to a social event without a plan. The following tips should …Read More