Spiritual Healing Makes Sense For Addiction Recovery

Spiritual Healing Makes Sense for Addiction Recovery

  Jacqueline Bourbon is a world renown energy healer. Taking residencies at retreats and working closely with doctors to incorporate more spiritually based healing, she is considered a leader on the healing arts, as she likes to call them. In an interview with Vogue, Bourbon talked about the role spiritual healing has in western medicine, especially in the face of …Read More

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Does Living a Spiritual Lifestyle Mean I Can’t Swear Anymore?

                  Spiritually Living Living a spiritual lifestyle means you try to adhere to spiritual principles and themes. In recovery, we use the term “spiritual lifestyle” often to describe the program of living outlined by the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Each step of the twelve steps has a spiritual theme or a …Read More

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Bouldering Is Cooler Than We Thought

                  You’re really only cool if you boulder. Bouldering gyms are popping up all over the place and the free form of rock climbing is gaining popularity. A test in strength and stamina, bouldering is made up of shorter routes on shorter walls and done without any ropes or harnesses. Without being …Read More

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Can Bass Fishing Be A Spiritual Practice For Recovery?

                Chuck Queen, a contributor to Patheos really loves bass fishing. Writing about spirituality and bass fishing, Chuck explains that the idea of a higher power can transcend beyond religion. Sometimes, the spirituality one is searching for is waiting in the simple act of doing what one loves to do. People find their …Read More