What Do You Need To Stay Sober After Treatment?

Stepping out into the world, away from the bubble of protection that treatment offers, is a big deal. Treatment removes the temptation, the bad influences, and the situations that spell trouble for addicts and alcoholics. When it’s time to discharge, you will have the tools you learned in treatment, and the real world is where you get to use them. …

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Traveling Sober: Tools You Need to Maintain Your Recovery Abroad

Traveling sober: tools you need to maintain your recovery abroad

  Some fear the minibar.  For others it is the fear of flying.  Some equate vacationing to partying.  Worst of all it is sometimes wondering how in the world you are going to make it through a weekend with your crazy family.  No matter what the trigger is for you, traveling seems to amplify your desire tenfold.  Fear not!  Here …

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Wait, Isn’t Sober Dating Going To Be Awkward?

                Contrary to popular belief, there’s actually no written rule that a first date or a first series of dates has to include meeting at a bar, meeting in a restaurant and ordering drinks, or doing anything that has to do with alcohol. Alcohol really isn’t required for your first dates with someone. …

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