Your First Year Sober: Stay Single

stay single

If you are new to sobriety, you may have already heard other people in recovery suggest that you stay single for your first year. If you are wondering what staying single has to do with recovery, you might be surprised that it has a lot to do with staying sober. In your first weeks and months of recovery, everything is …

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Living Holistically


If you are an addict or alcoholic, living holistically while wholly putting your health first is a world different than the way you were living pre-recovery. Some people think that the term “holistic” is hippy-esque, others spiritual, and others, knowing. What it is, is living your life by looking at the bigger picture. Everything you do has an impact on …

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Is Having The Flu Different When You’re Sober?

flu sober

The winter months not only bring colder weather, but also the cold and flu bugs. If you are newly sober, it is a good idea to be up to speed on over-the-counter (OTC) medication and what is and is not safe to take. It’s not uncommon for an addict or alcoholic to take dangerous OTC drugs for a cold or …

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