The Life I’ve Always Wanted Has Always Been There

It’s interesting when you realize that you are the only thing that has been blocking your recovery. Yes, you heard that right; it’s you who has been the problem. Have you noticed a pattern of “bad luck” no matter where you go? Perhaps you’ve moved around, thinking a different city or area would be different, and all your problems would …Read More

Signs of Addiction - Lakehouse Recovery Center

4 Ways You’re Going To Totally Trip Out On The Fact You’re Sober And It’s RAD

                Don’t think sobriety is for the cool kids? Think again. You’re the coolest of the cool, working on yourself and healing your life one day at a time. Need a little more inspiration for your sobriety? Read these trip-worthy (and totally drug free) facts.   Remember that you’re sober! If that doesn’t …Read More