Drunkorexia: Women, Body Shaming, and Alcohol


Women have been objectified by societies around the world for thousands of years. The pressure put on women to look a certain way and be a certain size can have devastating effects on a person’s psyche. The expectations media outlets have put out into our society of the “ideal” woman is at the very least, ridiculous. No two women, or …

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The Effects of Low Self Esteem in Addiction and Recovery

Having a low self esteem is more common than you think. Although when someone suffers from having little belief in themselves, they tend to believe that they are the only ones suffering from that sort of discomfort. However, it’s fair to say that most people suffer from insecurities and low self confidence. Developing Low Self-Esteem In fact, it’s easy to …

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The video below shines light on YouTube’s annual initiative titled “#DearMe” in which women share what they would like to tell their younger selves. The hope is that these messages will inspire and empower young girls. What would you want to tell your younger self?