How to Manage Your Self-Doubt

Self-Doubt |

Self-doubt is something that everybody experiences, but some are better at managing it than others. Yoga teacher Brittany Policastro put together the following list of tools, based on her past experiences, on how to manage your self-doubt.

  1. Take deep breaths – When you begin to doubt yourself, focus on your breathing to calm yourself and put you in the right state of mind.
  2. Know which form of self doubt yours takes – Being aware of which form your self-doubt comes in will allow you to control it. It could be a voice in your head, a feeling, or any other form.
  3. Accept your self doubt – We will always have some sort of self-doubt but by accepting it we can move on and not let it effect us so much.
  4. Voice your self doubt – Instead of holding it inside, tell it to someone who’s a good listener. It is a great way to release what you are feeling.
  5. Do something that empowers you – Instead of dwelling on self-doubt, allow yourself to feel empowered by doing something you’re passionate about.

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