15 Ways to Cope with Physical and Emotional Pain

  We all experience physical and emotional pain. It’s not a fun part of life, but pain is something we have to deal with at one point or another. Some people in recovery got here because of physical pain, and many others got here because of emotional pain. We no longer have our favorite elixir to numb our pain, so …Read More


What Do You Need To Stay Sober After Treatment?

Stepping out into the world, away from the bubble of protection that treatment offers, is a big deal. Treatment removes the temptation, the bad influences, and the situations that spell trouble for addicts and alcoholics. When it’s time to discharge, you will have the tools you learned in treatment, and the real world is where you get to use them. …Read More


Why Is Self-Care So Important?

                          We tend to believe that we aren’t that important. Everyone else, with their normal lives, their normal mental health, and their normal not-being-an-addict-or-alcoholic, deserve more than we do. It isn’t just about low self-worth and low self-esteem. It’s that we honestly believe we aren’t worth taking care …Read More


How Do I Shake The Nighttime Jitters In Early Recovery?

                Nightfall. Witching hour. The dawn of darkness. There’s just something about it. During the day, you’re fine. Uncomfortable, but fine. Recovering and fine. Come nighttime, there’s an uneasiness you can’t explain. You get itchy. The discomfort is almost too much to bear. The flow of the day settles down and you have …Read More