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What Convinced You That You Had a Drinking Problem?

For some of us, it may not have taken much to realize that our drinking habits were a little different than the habits of everyone else. For others, the denial may have been as thick as the beer goggles. Alcoholism is sneaky. It will often start off as a really good time, with weekend parties, happy hours, Vegas and Mexico …Read More

How Do I Best Prevent Relapse?

How Do I Best Prevent Relapse?

You did not sign up for treatment only to get caught up in addiction one year later.  You are committed to not becoming a relapse statistic.  You can do this and here are five good ways you can prevent relapse. Long-term treatment Statistics show that entering into a treatment program for ninety days or more is more effective than short-term …Read More

Drinking control

Is My Drinking Out of Control?

If you’re asking yourself this question, there’s a good chance that your drinking has crossed the line from being social to being a problem. Several signs point to out of control drinking, and if any one of them apply, you may want to consider getting yourself some help, in which case, you’ve come to the right place. Consider if any …Read More


Why Don’t People Seek Mental Health Treatment?

                One in five Americans will experience a mental health issue within a given year. As 2017 reaches its halfway mark, that means millions of people have already had to confront any number of mental health issues from depression to substance use disorders. Millions more will come upon a mental health crisis in …Read More