Addiction Help: Learning About The Brain’s Role in Mental Health

Addiction Help | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comIf you’re in recovery or seeking addiction help, then you’re likely interested in mental health. Being in the throes of addiction could be called mental illness. And in fact, addiction is more frequently being referred to as a disease. For this reason, if you’re aiming for sobriety, you’re aiming for mental health.

More and more research indicates a healthy brain plays an essential role in mental health. For instance, researchers are beginning to see that the shapes of certain parts of the brain are different among those who have Bipolar Disorder, for instance, versus those who don’t.

Another example is the way that the amygdala functions differently in those that have mental illness. And the brain stem plays a significant role in addiction and substance abuse treatment. There are four parts of the brain that have been significant in research and have their influence on mental health. They are:

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Addiction Help: Learning About Your Early Attachments

It is well recognized now that the quality of attachment an individual has with his or her parents in early childhood determines how well that child will thrive. Early attachment is a core issue that has great influence on one’s mental health throughout life.

For instance, the first five years of life determines the success of that child in school, work, and in relationships. Those children who have had secure parental attachments are well equipped to go out into the world and are able to succeed. Those with poor attachments to their caregivers, due to trauma, neglect, or abandonment, will likely be anxious, fearful, and withdrawn. These children may be more vulnerable to developing an alcohol or drug addiction. Those who experience high levels of stress and anxiety will tend to self-medicate with drugs, sex, gambling, alcohol, or other types of addiction. Essentially, the child with a poor attachment with his or her caregiver may later use drugs as a way to manage the anxiety or other intense emotions and perhaps even develop a life-long struggle with addiction. And they may eventually find themselves in drug detox and substance abuse treatment facilities.

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More Residential Drug Treatment Facilities Are Becoming Holistic

When you’re searching for a drug treatment facility, you might find that some are holistic in their orientation. You’ll find that these facilities don’t just take into account your need for drug detox and substance abuse treatment; they’re also addressing your emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

In your search, you might find that addiction treatment centers emphasize a certain focus. For instance, some drug addiction treatment centers are Christian-based, for females only, oriented toward adolescents, or only address alcohol detox and addiction. At the same time, there are some that focus strictly on providing holistic care.

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