Getting Spiritual: 5 Ways to Incorporate Recovery


Incorporating Spirituality in Recovery It is often said that addiction is a spiritual malady. If this is true, not only should we seek healing of our physical, mental, and emotional levels of self, but also of our spiritual self. As addicts and alcoholics, we show up to recovery broken and emotionally bankrupt of all things that make us human. In …

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Are You Acting With Accountability?

Accountability in sobriety is like an insurance policy for staying sober. In active addiction, most of us had zero accountability to others, and we ran wild without a second thought. When you’re sober and you take commitments, other people begin to count on you. You begin to count on others, too. It’s much harder to veer off course on Friday …

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Letting Go Is Worth It Once You Figure Out How

                Carrie Saum fell in love with letting go. She writes for Ravishly, “But falling in love with letting go changed me,” she writes. “It gave me the gift of gratitude for the transient, ever changing world we are required to be a part of.” She explains that letting go opened her “heart …

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