Rationalizing Relapse: Mouthwash, Duster, Vanilla Extract, Etc.

rationalizing relapse

Addiction tries to convince us we don’t have it, and that we’re like everyone else. It lies to us, which causes us to lie. It tries to kill us, and sometimes we let it. When it starts talking to us, it gets louder and louder. If we don’t do anything to silence it, we can literally be talked into anything …

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Four Thoughts to Help You Stay Sober From Alcohol

Sobriety | Lakehouse Recovery Center

Do you have the urge to drink again? Sobriety is not easy but it’s worth it. Here are a few things to tell yourself to prevent relapse and keep you on the track of sobriety.

“It’s not worth it.”

“This is only temporary.”

“There’s a reason you stopped drinking.”

“If you don’t drink, you’ll thank yourself tomorrow.”

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