How to Notice the Miracles in Your Life

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Name 10 miracles

If you were asked to name 10 miracles around you right now, could you do it? Go ahead and try. Name 10 miracles that surround you at this very moment in time. If you were able to list all 10, assuming that they all qualify as miracles, then you are one of a few.

Most people would find this task a lot more difficult than one would think but the truth is that miracles are around us all the time. So then why is it so difficult to name 10? Well, one answer is that we are so consumed by our individual problems and our daily lives that we don’t leave room in ours minds for miracles to occur.

Many of us could say that our minds are constantly racing but by learning to quite your mind you can then allow yourself to see the miracles that lie right in front of you.

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9 Sentence Starters for a Positive Attitude

Our attitude largely affects others around us. Being around someone who is negative can make people feel insecure, ignored, criticized, irritated, or depressed. On the other hand, being around someone with a  positive attitude can make people feel comfortable, inspired, hopeful, confident, and encouraged. Anyone can choose to be a more positive person and a good way to start on …

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