Uplifting Mantras to Kick a Negative Attitude

Negative Attitude

A positive attitude can change everything. Sometimes, we become so overwhelmed with stress from daily life or life challenges that it becomes difficult to keep a positive outlook. A negative attitude can drag you down but luckily, you are in control of your attitude and can change it at anytime. Here are some uplifting mantras to turn your attitude around for a more positive outlook on life.

This is only temporary.
Count your blessings.
Take good care of yourself.
Be kind to the unkind.
Live for right now.

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Happiness: The More You Look The More You Find

Have you ever experienced yourself  noticing certain things in your life? For instance, perhaps you see a butterfly and it’s a pretty one. Its beauty stays with you, making an emotional and mental impression. Then, you see another one the next day. It too stays with you, brightening your day in some way. And then you see another a few …

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