How Does Obsession Play A Role In Addiction?

How Does Obsession Play a Role In Addiction?

Some trainers swear that the best way to train puppies is by using treats as a reward system. When the puppy complies a treat is given, thereby associating obedience with a good feeling.  Other trainers believe that disciplining and inciting a negative emotion is the best way to train.  Who is right?  No matter which method is used some puppies …Read More

Yoga Is An Acceptable Obsession

Yoga is an Acceptable Obsession

  Addiction and alcoholism are a matter of obsession. The brain obsesses over drugs and alcohol every time it uses them and every time it is without them. A large amount of dopamine and other happy/pleasurable chemicals are created in the brain by drugs and alcohol which leave an impact. Your brain notices what feels good and when something feels …Read More