Does Walking in Nature Actually Help the Brain?


    Japan has been getting attention lately for more news coverage of an amazing part of their national health system: forest bathing. People aren’t going to the forest to bathe, and they aren’t filling their bathtubs with dirt and pine needles. The country of Japan has designated hundreds of miles of walking trails in parks and forests throughout the …

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Why LA Living Is a Nature Lover’s Paradise

                  Located on the bottom end of Ventura county, Lakehouse Recovery Center borders many LA county nature spots. When people think of Southern California, they think of the beach, but they might not think of the mountains. Southern California is full of microclimates. We have our coast, we have our mountains, and …

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Get Outside To Get Out Of Your Head: Nature Therapy

                Part of the national health insurance and health care program in Japan includes nature. Miles of nature trails have been protected, developed, and designated by the government as part of the national curriculum for health care. An ancient practice called “tree bathing” has brought Japanese citizens to their local forests for centuries, …

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