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Will I Ever Calm My Mind?

If you are an addict or alcoholic, you are probably well aware of how fast the gears in your head can turn. It can be exhausting and it can also threaten your sobriety. Overthinking can cause unwarranted stress, anxiety, and depression. When the wheels start turning, try employing a few methods to ease the burdens of the day and set …Read More

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Is Mindfulness Therapy As Effective As Traditional Talk Therapy?

                Mindfulness Therapy Does Work Over the last couple of years, mindfulness has become a popular topic across many disciplines. First, with much doubt, it started to become a topic in academic and scientific settings. Mindfulness, the ancient eastern tradition associated with many religions, was becoming used as scientific treatment. Becoming aware, practicing …Read More

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When Will Yoga Start To Make Me Feel Zen?

                Breathe in, breathe out, stretch, Namaste. You’re a new person! If only it were that easy. Yoga promises a wealth of health benefits for mind, body, and spirit. Elements of mindfulness, meditation, flexibility, strength building, and more are known to reduce stress, increase heart health, and regulate mood. Yoga doesn’t just regulate …Read More

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Should You Be A More Mindful Snacker?

                Snacks are arguably one of the greatest ways we make food available to ourselves. Dieticians and nutritionists as well as fitness experts alike celebrate the idea of snacking. Snacks are the meals in between meals which helps us curb hunger, satisfy a craving, and keep our energy up. A little snack here …Read More