May 2016 is Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month | Lakehouse Recovery Center

Mental illness affects 18.5 percent of American adults in a given year. The National Alliance on Mental Health hosts Mental Health Month during May each year to raise awareness and fight the stigma. This Mental Health Month, show your support by participating in some of the following suggestions.

What You Can Do to Support Mental Health Month

  • Educate yourself and others about mental health and mental illness
  • Share your own experience with mental health to inspire others with a mental health condition to speak up
  • Spread the word by sharing NAMI’s graphics and pre-written Tweets and Facebook statuses
  • Join a NAMIWalks team
  • Take the stigmafree pledge

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Physiological Contributors to Depression– Part Two

The following list continues from the first part of this series on the physiological contributors to depression. The list from both articles (parts one and two) makes up 20 factors that might possibly have an influence on mood. It is possible that at least one or two of these might be playing a role in your physical, emotional, and psychological …

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