How Do You Know When You ‘Hit Bottom’?

How Do You Know When You 'Hit Bottom'?

One particular street in Colorado has an unsellable land lot.  Many have looked at it because it rests in one of the most desirable neighborhoods statewide.  The lot will not sell because half of it is taken up by a table shaped granite rock.  Building there would cost a too much cash.  Most view the property as hopeless because you …

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Should You Stay on Social Media When you First Get Sober?

Should you stay on social media when you first get sober?

Addiction is not simply about an obsession with a drug, food, or other pleasures.  If you stay in a lifestyle long enough then you will build your whole life around it.  Your routines, places you go, and the people you hang out with are all pieces to the puzzle of what your life can become.  This is why it’s all …

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