How to Identify A High-Functioning Addict

High-Functioning Addict | Lakehouse Recovery Center

While their is a common misconception that someone who is struggling with addiction is easily recognizable, the truth is that some people are high-functioning addicts, meaning they can manage a job and daily responsibilities but still struggle with addiction. A person does not have to reach rock-bottom in order to be in need of addiction treatment. Here are a few qualities of a high-functioning addict.

Qualities of a High-Functioning Addict

  • They don’t believe they have an issue.
  • Their alcohol and drug use doesn’t cause devastating consequences.
  • They micromanage their life.
  • The surround themselves with people who drink or use like they do.
  • They don’t experience hangovers or are able to complete their everyday tasks and responsibilities.
  • They are not aware that help is available.

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